21 October 2009

Cheap oiii.

They asked me, why always using celcom number lah? So, let me tell you the solid reason why, IT IS FREAKING CHEAP BABEH!

Yeah, if before I used to use maxis and enjoying the super savers calls during the night and texting my active5. But then I realized, why my credit won’t last long? And it stress me up when I’m in emergency and need to call during the peak hour. You know how expensive it is? Okay, I tak mampu to live with maxis.

So, I’m changing to Celcom Exec50. (Sumpah advance sebab terus daftar postpaid.) And I did add my guy as my supplementary line because I always call him and text him. Aigoo. So it’s been 6 months plus I had been using it. Overall, I love it! My bills never exceeded RM 100 monthly eventhough I always call my guy everyday and talk non-sense. Instead of text message him, I send MMS. Oh, not forgetting I always video call him when I am damn bored in my room studying. Even we’re at the different room, I can see him juga! HAHA.
Sangat cheap kan?

Oh, about contacting others. I rather call than messaging people now. 1 minutes cost me only 15 cents to any number while texting costs me 12 cents each. So I don’t prefer to text people using my celcom number unless it is emergency. Ouh, the rate for calling Singapore number is 24 cents per minute. Yes, murah-murah!

If your usage not exceeds RM50 monthly, it only will cost you RM54. But rugilah because macam dapat free call RM50. But bila you exceed certain price of it you will get many discounts. I still remember my bills ada tu exceed RM100 dah gelabah sebab check bill online. But once the bill sampai rumah I just need to pay around RM90. Haa.. so tak pernah exceed rm100 lagi. Bangga.

So, to those who prefer to change using postpaid. Gunalah Celcom. And if ada family atau kekasih boleh guna 1+5 plan. HAHAHA. ;-p

For more info, boleh browse through this page [CELCOM]. Eceh, promote celcom sekali lagi tanda terima kasih dapat panggilan murah. ;-p

Ouh btw, for me to save more, I have maxis youth club. So I can text my friends only 1cent each. Yeah, sumpah jimat. But my common fan yang always text me is my dear sister kak Ann and siblings yang sewel. Hiks. Jangan begitu cepat 25 years old tolong. HAHA!

p.s: Ini entry memang tak munasabah sebab tengok bil bulan lepas murah gila. ;-p


bijan87 said...

ooo da tukar no baru x nak kasitau ek...