20 October 2009

Yo Babeh!

Thank you open wireless L12 KTHO! I can online yo babeh! So I can update my blog for today.

Today was a blast, as all my classmate going to the open house. But we’re not wearing baju kurung like I imagined last night la kan. We take photos and share the moments together laughing and eating like for few times. I makan 4 rounds you! Haha. The convoy, and all those stupid taxi who always separating us. Ceh, but I realised something, my Chinese classmate drive safely. Sopan sangatt!

But I need to get back to UTM first as my mom didn’t give me the permission to join them to Caya’s & Aman’s house at Batu Pahat. But I left my digi cam to Miza. Hopefully she takes photos of their happy moments! Alahai... sebal deh gue, enggak dapat bersama beraya. Can’t wait to see them!

Btw, I am at my sis’s room during study week. I bought a lot of foods just now! Damn, I still can’t stop eating now. Nyum-nyum! Later on once I get back my camera I’ll take photo of the foods. HAHA!

p.s: I want to watch Papadom & Surrogates before final boleh?