28 October 2009


1. Oh I am so busy right now until I don’t have the time to online. Yeah, I only have few days to study for my final and I haven’t started yet. Damn me, damn those assignments.
2. I still have two assignments that need to be done. And I don’t have the mood to do it. Again, damn me.
3. I need to prepare for my project presentation tomorrow but I realised I have zero information about what I’m doing. Need to read full report by tonight. Damn me.
4. I have CEIS paper this coming Friday evening. A seriously reading thingy subject with full of computer things in it. How to memorize everything? Damn, damn me!
5. I’ve decided to stay at UTM during the weekend. Sad.
6. I miss to blog, I miss to read others blog but I don’t have the time.
7. I am back at my room now. After cleaning up the mess, being at my room is like no other. But still, I want to go home.
8. I’m out of food. Need to buy my favourite snacks. But I don’t have the time. Tolong!! Can I have 78 hours per day?
9. I’m eating ayam penyet right now. Want some? My current weight now is 45.5kg. Need to eat more!
10. Goodbye laptop, goodbye everyone!


baskettoman_sg said...

gudluck for finals!