31 October 2009

The unknown.

Petang tadi waktu I tengah paper CEIS I received a text message from the unknown number. So here we go;

[16:21:40] IDK: Awk...
[17:05:16] ME: Siape?
[19:36:28] IDK: Awk x knal sy?
[19:59:30] ME: Tak. I mean, ur num is nt in my lists.
[20:01:07] IDK: Omg..seriously?? U don’t knw who I’m?
[20:01:55] ME: Nope. I hd no idea. Im sory.
[20:03:16] IDK: Oh shit..u r diana naubi right?
[20:04:41] ME: Yes. Ala... Who is this?
[20:06:56] IDK: So... it is u diana naubi.. 1 day we’ll face each other.. I’m u’r worst nightmare..
[20:19:06] ME: Oh realy. Ceh ok then, my mom said don’t talk to strangers. So gd bye.
[20:21:19] IDK: Oh yeah.. But the problem is we r not talking, we r messaging right now. (^.^)

Right before nak delete all the message of the day sebab my phone sangat senang full message. (-.-“) And I have a high level of curiosity because it seems like I pernah ingat that number. Even now pun dah 100% hafal that number.

[02:18:54] ME: Again im asking u. Siapakah?
[02:20:24] ME: Nasir mokmok. Engkau ke sayang? Agaga. Apesal akuw br ingat num kaw?
[02:21:35] IDK: Ye.. Dh2.sambung esok.. aku nk tdo.
[02:22:14] ME: Ceh. Kurang hasam punya adik. Gtawu je la.Wokey2. Gd nite!

Damn bro, lu memang pandai bikin gua panas. Ceh, wa respect lu la memang lu worst nightmare wa la beb. Hihi. Feels like going home. Wuuu~

Moral of the story: Next time sila jangan hafal number orang, terus save senang. Btw, even till now my contact number tak update. Ciss


baskettoman_sg said...

kah3! mesti ingat org nak ngorat die.. hehehe

Diana Naubi said...

sbb number tu familiar. ish, if ade org na ngorat yana pun bgs juga. hahaha.