12 December 2009


Can you hear me shouting darling?

How to put your boyfriend aside of your mind while he is away for quite a long time. It is just my way. It depends. Ouh, I wish I can call him now or just texting him and tell him that I miss him. Gaga. I will be lucky sometime he will buzz me on Yahoo Messenger and tell me he misses me. Cehceh. So here are my tips. But sometimes I failed by trying to call his cell, I want to let him know what’s happening to me. Derrrrr.

#1 Buy a super long movie/drama that might be makes you sitting down on the laptop watching it non-stop from the first episode till the end. Oh, avoid too romantic drama or watch something that would remind you of your boyfriend. Like me, I watched my imaginary husband in Ghost Whisperer, so ‘he’ is out of my mind while I’m watching the imaginary husband. HAHA *lempangs

#2 Dumps you phone away for a while, assuming like you don’t have one. Don’t waits for the calls or messages cause it will reminds you more about the boyfriend. Wait a minute, where is my phone now? I remember that I saw it this morning checking on time and I left it there. Oh, I’m so good at dumping something! ;-p Oh, avoid texting any other guys. It is bad. Na-nahh!

#3 Go out with someone you close. Like siblings or your besties. Have fun, watch movie, eat, karaoke-ing or maybe taking pictures together. Do something that can make you forget him. Not entirely. Ha, get distract. That’s the word!

#4 Don’t hang out with the lovey dovey couple. It is stressful to just listen to them talking while you can’t. Avoid going out with them too. Yesterday I’m going out with my siblings and they bring their love one along. Luckily my sis loves me so she still walks with me. But then I keep saying, if he is here it would be great.

#5 Don’t gets mad when you get nothing for him. What are you expected from him while he is on vacation. He will totally busy with his family. So let him be. Are you really want you husband texting his mom while on vacation with you? It is family matters.

But I’m so lucky to have him because he tried to contact me once a day through YM. But at least he tried. Even it is just for few minutes at least I know he is doing okay. Or he just left me with offline messages. Can I say that I love you more by doing that? ;-p

#6 Play games or facebook applications. Like virtual cafe or fish. Haha. And help him taking care of his. By feeding his fish I felt like I am a good step mother, never abandon something that belongs to him. Eceyy. Oh, I really do care about his fish. Why? Ok, my point is, play games. (I am at level 35 at fishville, yeay!)

#7 Blog! Express what you feel. Or just write an email to him telling him what you are up too. At least you’re not keeping it by yourself.

Ok, that's it maybe. But bear in mind, don’t stop missing him. Cause you’ll realise that you’re losing the taste of love once you stop missing you love one. Oh damn it, did I take love medicine just now?

Nights y’all or should I say morning? It's late, goodbye!

Oh I bet you can. :-)