13 December 2009


Hello people!

At last I’m here, at UTM. Derr, I am so lucky today cause the Wi-fi is available. So, quick updates before I can’t blog for quite a while after this. ;-(

Thanks for madihah cause being here. Terharu kot sebab ada juga kawan baik lama zaman sekolah dulu baca blog lame macam ni. Btw sis, I miss you! Semester break kali ni tak dapat jumpa pun. So till next semester ok, kita grad sama-sama. Insya-Allah. :D

Being here at my room alone makes me feel gloomier. I want to be home, be with my family, or have the superb internet connection. Where is my roommate btw? If she’s here obviously I will have someone to talk too. And sadly, I can’t call him complaining like I always do during the end of the weekends. Heh, kenapa mak suka halau anak dia balik awal-awal padahal UTM-rumah Cuma 20 minutes drive? ;-p

I feel sick, ok I’m not pretending to be sick because need to get back to UTM. No. I am really felt uncomfortable with my throat and I started to have flu. Damn-damn! Sore throat to be exact, it can cause fever (or it is just me and my symptoms? Whatever!), so now I need to get prepared with the medicine. Don’t want it to get worst. Why must demam at the start of new semester?

I can’t wait to meet my friendssss tomorrow. And I can’t wait to see him on Tuesday! Ceh. And I can’t wait to start my FYP. Ok, itu tipu. I just want to finish it up and stop worrying about all those stuffs.

Resolution for the new semester;

#1 Let it all out babeh. Heeee. Enjoy each second to be student. I will be pleased with the assignments, appreciating the classes, enjoying the tests and happy doing the lab and reports for my FYP.

#2 More time with loved one. The time with friendssss and him need to be divided fairly. ABG’s, Lesbo’s & classmate-to. Hihi. I want to take more pictures and make memories!

#3 I need to be nice with the lecturers. And I want to buy something for my favourite lecturer. Hihi.

#4 Boleh tak kata, I want to organise a party for my close friends. Hiks. It is just something in my mind. Insya-Allah. Ok, bukan party but majlis jumpa-jumpa. ;-p

Thats all, need to rest. Headache. Goodbye!


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