02 October 2011

Average Diana goes to fashion thingy

So well, puas tengok I? Mind my muka busuk, pronunciation tah apa-apa macam lidah terbelit. Heuheu. Assalammualaikum people ♥

I am so excited until I really want to blog this tonight. Thanks to a friend yang inviting me to accompany him to this event, kalau ikut I - sure I swimming kat atas katil the whole afternoon tadi. At first I am not thinking pun to take photo as I masuk not as a press, so actually tak boleh ambil gambar. But then until I saw this one dress, I terus on camera and snap segala yang lalu kat stage tu.

Please I want one of wedding dress warna pink. Heuheu. Still I rasa suka kat dress tu, even I tak tau siapa designer dia. RUGI!

Present you, Amir Luqman and the dresses that he design. ♥

Look at his high waist pant, I've been look for it like everywhere but still tak pernah jumpa size yang sesuai sebab I have a small waist tapi tinggi (kot). Among all of his design yang dia bawa, I suka yang third from left.  Elegant!

Another photo of his design yang I dapat snap dengan senonoh. Most of it like a failure sebenarnya, I just snap aje. I dont have any photographer talent maybe. Other photos are on my Facebook account. This is the edited version. :)

First one and the last one are the same design. The veil itself pun dah macam kelasss gitu. Hehe. And yes, I do grab the chance to take photo with him! 

Why I tak pakai heels, why?!! Sampai sekarang I regret. (T.T) I felt so small among the fashion people. Lesson taken, pergi even wedding, perlu pakai heels no matter what. Wajib.

Here I know about BDA which it stands for Bumiputra Designers Association. And how important fashion magazine untuk designers semua. Peramah with everyone adalah perlu. Oh my, why-lah I tak berseni untuk design baju?

Anyways, I had fun today. I met new friends too! Hehe. Thanks to both of them for the day. Opss, I miss to mention their name, meet A'zi and Haekal!

p.s: Malaysian's designer wedding dress are way better than Memey's Vera Wang wedding dress. #justanopinion

p.p.s: Tittle sungguh geli. Skin tone sekarang sungguh geli. Skinny sungguh geli. Video lagilah GELI. Huahua


Anonymous said...

dress pink a way better than baju memey....

Diana Naubi said...

kannn. But it's vera wang cuma salah pilih maybe. Latest collection dia semua awesome, why on earth Rafelesia choose that one. (T.T) masuk museum pun I tanak tgk. HEHE