13 October 2011

I am a Sagattarius

As a #Sagittarius you never intend to hurt anyone,but the truth is all important to you,and you never hesitate to keep it real.

As a #Sagittarius nothing can keep you from enjoying life and people and being suc cessful in any number of fields.

As a #Sagittarius you are some of the happiest people in the zodiac anyone will ever meet.

As a #Sagittarius your relationships would benefit, if you were less argumentative and more open to the view of your partner.

#Sagittarius likes: laws and meanings, and freedom of action the thought of not being in a relationship.

A #Sagittarius female will hide her emotions from you, but don’t make the mistake of hiding yours from her.

#Sagittarius don't really have a filter when it comes to what they say, They have no problem telling you exactly what's on their mind!

A #sagittarius woman won't waste her time, she'll date someone she deserves-to-be-with not wants-to-be-with.

When arguing with you, a #Sagittarius will say harsh things that they know will cut you deep.

#Sagittarius survive through tough times through self-motivation.

#Sagittarius - Think things over thoroughly before making a move. The best decision might be no decision at all.

#Sagittarius will judge the entire situation, analyze it's probable outcome and still believe that things will get better.

If #Sagittarius feel as though they are putting more effort into a relationship than you are, they will stop putting in effort all together.

#Sagittarius are the coolest of all, for neither they go out of their way to apologize nor do they expect the same from others.

A #Sagittarius can turn into a whiny child when bored.

#Sagittarius lovers dont like stale relationships and will always try some way to make it fresh again.

#Sagittarius rarely show negative emotions, but they may become temperamental if they are bored for long periods of time.

A #Sagittarius won't care if you don't like them. They have their eye on the prize and don't worry about the petty drama.

#Sagittarius are quite remarkably lacking in jealousy and possessiveness.

The older a #Sagittarius get, the more they ask "Who can you trust now a days?"

As a #Sagittarius You want a close relationship with your partner, but you won’t put up with a mate who attempts to control you.

When a #Sagittarius lies, they feel a huge guilt in their heart.

#Sagittarius women have a quick and aggressive temper, when angry they need to be alone

#Sagittarius cant stand a nagging person. So don't feel offended if you're left by yourself after you complain to a Sag.

Once a #Sagittarius is pissed leave them alone for awhile, they will come back around in no time.

#Sagittarius are stubborn so they won't care if you're mad at them

#Sagittarius will spend a time with few options to choose the potential partner.

/Taken from twitter.
/I am a typical Sagittarius girl 


Dilakochan said...

I am sagiitarius too! =)

Anonymous said...

deedee pun Sagit juga :)

eeqa~ said...

same here... :) hee

Diana Naubi said...

woah, ramai betul sagittarius babe.

Mohamad Saufi bin Othman said...

I also sagittarius..