12 October 2011

Relationship stuffs

Where is this love? I can't see it, I can't touch it. I can't feel it. I can hear it. I can hear some words, but I can't do anything with your easy words.
Closer (2004)

And I was like, yes it is true. Usually it is easy to say something, but believe me, us girls prefer when you show the love rather than saying it. Or at least it works for me. I might be melting like an ice cream in the oven. Bhahaha.

Tell me, am I just like typical girl who always looking for perfection in relationship until we forget the real meaning of a relationship? Relationship suppose to have the ups and downs just like life. They have their beautiful parts and the fugly parts.

Perfection, is it ever existed? Especially when it comes to human being. Blergh.

I can never understand how would two different people who put their status as 'in love' synchronize themselves? Maybe it is 'love' that can make them adapt with each other. You're my other half bla bla bla. I can never live without you, another bla bla bla. Seriously, I can never understand this. And I can never myself when I'm in love - that sucks.

Yeah, talking. Communicating. Relationship stuff. If we were in a relationship I would become a weird scary version of myself. My throat starts constricting. The walls start throbbing. It's like a peanut allergy, like an emotional peanut allergy.
No String Attached (2011)

Sometimes I got this thought that relationship and happily ever after thingy are bullshit. But I don't expect myself to be alone AND lonely when I get old, somehow I need to learn to open up my mind and my heart and accept the possibility of getting hurt. Someday. Someday Insya Allah.

p.s: My colleague are obsessed with Dadali - Disaat ku mulai mencintamu. Oh repeat kot lagu tu. Cinta-cinta-cinta. 
p.p.s: I am addicted to snooker application on my iPod. Tsskkkk
p.p.p.s: Semalam I lepak with my friends, and one of them asked me, Diana what is your relationship status. I paused myself after minutes, I left that question unanswered. Why it does matter at the first place?