31 October 2011


And this type of love isn't rational, its physical.

Click on photo and say hello to YouTube ;-)

Current fav song. Thehehe. The only latest english song on my iPod. Yang lain semua Korean songs and few old times fav songs which less than 10 je lagu english. Like ohh myy. -.-"

My weekend was blast. Have my siblings at home. And got my uni friend come over for few days here. Percayalah, each time jumpa kawan uni mesti rasa macam baru 19 tahun - rasa energetic awesome gitu. 

Meet Lin and Aisyu.

Jumpa limabelasminit pun dah meriah gila. I realised, most of my photo mesti nak buat 'peace' apehal tah. So starting from this moment, I'll try my best not to make that sign lagi. Fighting! Today is the end of October which I might say, this month is a pleasant month for me. Dapat few good news, memories yang takkan lupa and it seems like a blessed month of all even not my birth month. Alhamdulillah.

November is the month of public holiday. Hehe. Selalu check organizer. Till then. ;-)