06 July 2010

100 stupid random things

#1 I just watched KuchKuchHotaHai and I felt regret - i seriously don't believe in sweet love stories
#2 And it is the solid reason why i don't watch any korean drama
#3 I hate to sleep alone - which i think it is better to have Irena around
#4 I felt lonely once i reached home without bestfriend
#5 My current boyfriend is also my bestfriend - we share almost anything together
#6 I don't have any true bestfriend - the-since-childhood-bestfriend-type
#7 Sometimes, i just hate myself until i felt it is better if i die - SOMETIMES
#8 I already watched A-team, Karate kid & knight and day - thanks to Mikah
#9 Anaid is my alter ego
#10 I wish i am feelingless or maybe heartless
#11 I miss my brother - nahh, i miss to argue with my adik!
#12 Really want to go to Jaan TAR but i am not sure yet when
#13 I was hoping that there is new semester for me and my coursemates - i miss classmate-to!
#14 Headache
#15 I can hear the sound of the fan
#16 I am wondering, what would i be in 5 years
#17 And i imagining me in PJ with a baby - sumpah bongok!
#18 Sometimes i am jealous with PaulaElizabertBraBerry because she just know how to handle with the haters
#19 I hate myself as the hater hates me - i wish i am someone better but i am not
#20 Yes i am annoying - maybe i was born to be like annoying orange
#21 I am not addicted to annoying orange, mind me
#22 Probably i make stupid grammatical mistakes - but i dont care
#23 Can i cry now?
#24 I love to cry without reason - swing moods
#25 I'd vowed to myself that i won't cry over a guy
#26 And i won't show any emotions on guys
#27 Emotional but act emotionless is my tagline
#28 I hate to share my weakness with others
#29 I don't want to rely on anyone
#30 But i still need that anyone
#31 And i really depends on my family - they're like my oxygen
#32 I used to love someone that i don't deserve
#33 I love my hair more than anything
#34 I want to wear braces but my dad wont let me
#35 I think i need to do something with my hair - getting bored with it
#36 I got a new plush toy and it is a frog!
#37 Suddenly i miss my babe, yatie
#38 If i can turn back time - i want to be heartless from the start
#39 Wishlist - macbook pro
#40 Wishlist - Canon dslr eos 550D
#41 I want to go to Krabi Island with Mikah
#42 I want to go to Spore Universal Studio with Irena Naubi
#43 Hate myself for the thousands times
#44 I cant wait for eclipse - Jacob Team!
#45 Gonna watch eclipse with Mikah, surely he got loads of questions to ask me ;-p
#46 I want to watch 9 temples!
#47 CTKD - jika kau tak datang song is ridiculous!
#48 Saying ridiculous reminds me of Harry Potter
#49 I can imagine POT when i spelled potter
#50 I miss to play snap using poker card with the lesbos
#51 I dont thing poker card is the right words
#52 Still waiting for Mikah to call me
#53 I still love Lady Gaga
#54 I dont know what to blog about - seriously
#55 I want to buy a new laptop for myself but still want to keep this kesayangan toptop
#56 I proposed an idea to my mom - paint my nari-nari in pink BAHAHA
#57 I am sleepy - i guess
#58 I left my bedtime story book in the car
#59 The last game that i play with Hakim was Twisted Metal
#60 And i died many times and we need to restart the game like many times
#61 No effing way, i started to miss him
#62 And that is the reason why i hate to get used of having him
#63 It is hurts not to have him now
#64 Go away negative feelings
#65 Ceyh-ceyh, i always want to be positive
#66 I am getting bored with facebook - but i still do spend most of my time browsing FB
#67 I am cheating on my Sorority Life Paris
#68 Can i deactivate my facebook?
#69 I miss having dinner at Agus with Hakim
#70 I don't really into domino's pizza until i met him
#71 Hot and cold is like me and him
#72 My twitter is dianaubi
#73 I think my dad's name is weirdunique - one and only is unique
#74 Sometimes i wish my name is Anaid - sounds like an alien HAHA
#75 I rarely hate someone, i just dont really like them ;-p
#76 I love my parent like so damn much
#77 I cried when listening to oh ibu &; ayah dan ibu song
#78 I am emotionally distracted right now
#79 I wish i got someone here to at least make me distracted
#80 I want to watch Glee full episode!
#81 Fizow Omar is my imaginary Malaysian boyfriend
#82 Emotionally distracted - tet -tet -tet
#83 Listening to Total Eclipse of the Hearts - Glee Cast
#84 Each time i am distracted, i got bad headache
#85 I wish i am a boy - it would be much more easier
#86 I still am not crying - but i want it too so badly w/o reason
#87 Can i just get a day leave tomorrow?
#88 I am friendly, easy-going but hey why should i still be that way?
#89 I want to be cold starting from tomorrow - shut my mouth out
#90 Stress - more stressful than having assignments during finals
#91 I miss ABG's - all of you babes!
#92 Can i wear spectacle tomorrow? HAHAHAHA
#93 I still hate the worms family
#94 Something is wrong with my head - the pain
#95 I don't want to chop my hair till december
#96 I want to make cookies by this weekend - Alif!!!!
#97 Sometimes i wish i am 17 again
#98 Sometimes Fasha Sandha tweets makes me laugh - somehow i don't think she is matured enough ;-p
#99 I love Perez Hilton because he is Gay Gay who loves GaGa
#100 I need to sleep!


Mari said...

Yes, it's bad that I even want to know...but HOW did you cheat in Paris?! Of course, I'm asking because I hope to copy the technique in tokyo. :)