26 January 2010

The way I want

Did you ever felt miserable and needed someone to share the feeling, but then u realised that no one is there to listen for u? End up with, u laying alone on ur bed crying wishing someone could come and cherish u. Nahh, at least someone might come and ask, “Are u okay?” It would be a great cure than u wake up alone from ur bed after long hours of crying.

Oh, this is not my experience as I have such a stone hearted heart. And I am proud to have one. At least I am not wasting my time crying and grieving my life. Thats why I always said that I’ll survive no matter what ever happen to me. Or maybe I haven’t yet facing the hard parts of life yet. Eg, I can’t face the fact that I might be losing my family members, I don’t want it to happen in any way.

Did u know, when you have a lot of close friends you might be facing a lot more conflict? It is good to have tons of friends but I don’t easily trust people to be my close friend. I rather be so-so with everyone or walk alone to the classes and looks like a nerd than stick in a group of people and act like we’re bff. Take note, act. Life is full of hypocorism. U won’t know if someone back-stabbing u. (or it won’t be called as back-stabbing ahaha)

Oh, I don't mean this to anyone, it is just a random thinking. So, no heart feelings okay.

I agree with Ariana Naziha when she said, Jangan mengumpat. Kelak anda akan diumpat oleh teman-teman mengumpat anda. And thats why I started to be less talk and less gossip. Anyways, it is not good thou to say bad things about people.

Ok now I want you to judge me, am I freak or what?

I will never ever forget about my friends since I was in the first year. U guys mean a lot to me. But, mind if I have my own space because I seriously wanna be out of the circle. Someone u had no idea what she’s doing right now. Someone u less care. Someone invisible yet I’m still here peeps.

I choose this path and I am happy to be like this.

And thank God I met him. In some way, I had changed. Less socialized and been civilized. No matter what others said, I am sure u did that for our own goods, for my own goods.

Btw, big thanks to Yat & Min cause always always be with me. I won’t find anybody else like u guys. Muah!

It was back then in 2007.

Ok, nights people!


Anonymous said...

And finally there comes people who believe in what I thought.


ifarr said...

great post. sometimes the people closest to you is the biggest hypocrite.

ShaNa said...

owh yana...the 1st paragraph tuh terkene pada sy...huhu...