24 February 2010

The 10 things

#1 Obviously i started to hate guys that do nothing. Who wake up super late and wasting their time with games.

#2 I got tonnes of works to be done. And heck i m thinking why i wasted my time during the holiday? i probably can make everything done during the hols.

#3 I am so addicted to Poker Zynga. I should have not let myself play, but opsss i did it. And now i'm counting the days to be home and play without any connection problems. Actually, i need to stop.

#4 Need to wait 47 minutes before my cafe world dishes get ready to be serve. Hopefully the internet connection is still available after this.

#5 I miss to hang out with my sis. Obviously shopping with her last week is still not enough. I cant wait till the second of march. (-.-")

#6 I want Blackberry Storm 2 so damn much but i know my dad wont let me spend too much money for that kind of stuffs. Erghh. I cant wait to earn my OWN money.

#7 Miss my celcom babes so damn much. I miss the gathering at Gambang Waterpark. Sad sad sad. But will catch up with them very soon.

#8 Remember my kitten, Gaga? He is so damn cute, but lazy because he sleep more than 5 hours during the day but still sleeping with me during the night. How jealous i am right now! I want to be a cat, so i got nothing to do with the assignments and crappy fyp.

#9 I want to jog but i am too busy to waste my time and my energy running around utm. I rather watch the people running and playing basket ball. Eh, its been a longgggg time since the last time i play basket ball. I misssss!!!

#10 I wish i am heartless. The one who can't even smile. I am aloof enough right now and i am so proud of it. I can count with my fingers how many person i talk too each and everyday. Sangat sedikit okey~

Currently watching Dirty Sexy Money season 2 while doing my reports. 3 down, 2 more left for this week!

I cant wait to go home tomorrow! Need to pack tonight. I love holidays! Even just for extra one day. Nyeh~