04 February 2010

I miss u too!

Yeah. Yeah. I know I did abandon this blog. Blame the wi-fi will ya?

Currently watching true blood, and guess what, I don’t know that it is an 18sx story. I tried hard to not to watch the censored parts but yet I need to listen to it to make sure I haven’t miss the conversation. And I can’t imagine how guys can watch porn, it is like a sickness. And why girls love to naked more than guys? Ahh. I’ve watched both season btw, any suggestion what should I watch next? I can’t stay awake reading without anything to watch. And nahh, I’m not into Korean addictive drama.

As usual, an entry might come out each time I have test on the next day. Yeah, I can’t stay awake without any entertainment. (-.-“)

The FYP starts to killing me softly now. The dilemma is getting worst each day. Luckily the test week gonna be over tomorrow so I can concentrate on assignments and lab things. Like yeah. Okay, another few more months to go, then I’ll be free. Patient Diana, patient. And again, I’m not going back home this week. Why must have crappy seminar?

Damn I just realised that my previous entry gila geli obsess diri sendiri. Fine will delete it later on. Bahaha.

So any idea on what should I watch next please let me know okay!

♥ ♥ ♥

Goodbye and Goodnights!

Oh I miss u too blog. I really do. :-)


illehyana said...

xsuke true blood!i da siap beli 2 season skali..n crite die sgt old skool lah kn..i nak vampire diaries!