17 February 2010

New layout lagi

Yeah, again, I changed my layout. Heh. Obviously I am not into blue. Bet it is not my colour. But this layout caught my eyes because it is cute. Btw, it takes a lot of time for me to put the nuffnang thingy into the layout. Haih. And why eh, certain time the advertisement did not appear at my blog. Haih. So how to earn money meh? Ok, besides of part time job as a promoter, I serve for nuffnang.

Going back to utm tomorrow. Bet no entry for the whole week. Why must balik awal la? Blame the fyp. I cant stand to be a final year student. Ergh, too stress! And I haven’t decide yet what to do after I grad. My dad ask me to continue my study but I just don’t know either my mind can accept more. Maybe I need rest? Gaha!

Btw, I masuk satu benda yang need me to talk more than 5 mins per day. So anyone yang nak I call dia and merepek, sila let me know. But you must listen to me for more than 5 minutes straight. Nyeh, so if interested nak dengar suara hot katak, tinggalkan phone number dekat facebook! Kita berbual berkenal. :)

Ok night!