21 February 2011


Oh mak kau.

As you can see, my blog is like so-Diana's-blog. I am everywhere! Now you can loathe with me people. Yes, I don't mind seriously. And currently, I don't have the mood to write - or i might say to share. I blog for fun and for my own personal life journal - so it is no big deal kan if I don't blog everyday.

I mean, like - no one even realize pun I do blog thingy.

In case someone miss me. Kahkah.
(Last weekend, visiting Mikah's family at Enstek)

p.s: Another LIFE WISHLIST fulfilled. Not going to brag it out here.


Anonymous said...

gorgeoussss sangatttt !

s.u.h.a said...

i just love ur hair ^__^

Diana Naubi said...

thanks farah!!

thanks suha. :D

Rebelle said...

oh.. Enstek dekat Nilai tu ye? hihi

i do miss you, gorgeous! (:

Rapunzel Cikilolo said...

yana, enstek dah dekat dengan umah Mas la... kalo enstek tu area sepang la... haha

Diana Naubi said...

bandar enstek tu nilai - tapi dekat dgn sepang. aha. yana pun x tau kat mane.

Mas, rumah kat mane? lain kali jom pegi iceroom sama!

farah, i miss u more. if i menyinggah kl will let u know. kite wajib berjumpe!