25 February 2011

The people who want to stay in your life will always find a way.

Thank you because you always be with me. 

Even I have a really bad day and I complained like non-stop. Or I just can't stop browsing internet even when we're on phone. You always be patient even I am too focus with Plant vs Zombie and ignored you - your calls. When I reject your calls and put my phone on silent because I want a peaceful 10 hours sleep. When I talk non-sense just because of the mood swing and I called you just to pick a fight with you without any solid reason. Yes, somehow I am annoying.

You always, always, always be patient and try to make it up to me without complaining. You always been there for me, always find the way to get through my heart. Thank you. My thousands 'thank you' words never be enough to show you how much I am happy to have you with me. Knowing you is never a regret. Even if there is a goodbye for us in the future, at least I know you. At least we tried. At least we're happy together once.
Yeah, at least I know you ;')

And again, thank you. HIHI. Being emotional all of the sudden don't I?

p.s: At last I had 10 hours straight sleep last night. 8pm after perform my Maghrib prayer last night till 6 in the morning. HAHA. Seriously, I am fully charged today. 

p.p.s: Any plan for the weekend? 


NajahZulkifli said...

is it hakim?kental sungguh<3

Diana Naubi said...

hehe. you know him better, penyabar but once dia mengamuk merajuk - tak larat nak pujuk. HAHA

kyoshirou said...

oh...i like the quotes....nice...did u create it ...?