05 April 2010

Hello updates!

I am done with my FYP presentation. *evil laugh* It is not as bad as i imagine, i mean, the lecturers don't bite and they don't ask me what is your bra colour today. HAHA. It goes well - i guess. And I proudly said, it might be the best and less nervous presentation that i ever present in my whole life as a 22 years old girl. Even at first i did forget to bring my pendrive which i called it a really really really stupid mistake during the presentation day. I rush back to the block and there my super cute toyol pendrive lying on the table. Durh!

So today, i planned to sleep until i satisfied. As i don't really sleep last night, i still memorize my script even in my sleep - it is a nightmare seriously! And i want to read Undomestic Godness novel until half of the book, even i know i should start my revision but yeah i need a break for at least a day. And go out for ehem-ehem-ehem with ehem-ehem-ehem, that is the most thing that i cant wait even doing my script i always said, "after the presentation it will be a good day so now you need work for it." Yea-yeah. Few hours to go!

Must do this week:
#1 Help boyfriend with his fyp. Discussions aite?
#2 Edit back my thesis and print the very final draft to be sent to the supervisor. - Must do this week i dont hv enuf time next week siot!
#3 Revisions. Ergh. 4 papers for the final with 1 day gap for each paper, how cool is that? Seriously i need more time like 48 hours per day? (Like every week pun i keep mentioned the same thing HAHA)
#4 OMG, now i remember about the construction management assignment. So yeah, assignment that need to be submit on 12th april, great -really great! (sucks actually)
#5 Hey group environmental management, when to compile our things eh? So, meeting for EM subject.

Wish me luck for this few weeks left. Give me the luck, the strength, the patient ahh everything that i really need now. Goodbye for now!


petisuara said...

hihi..gud luck dear!!final sem xpayah study sgt..mood 2 xkn ade sbb yg ptg da lepas sume!hahaha

Anonymous said...

good post................................................

Diana Naubi said...

thanks yana.
but sgt stresssssss. stressss. hahahaha. cepat la hbs sem!