15 April 2010


Something wrong with my facebook, i cant log in. haiya. i know you dont want me to play SL during the critical hours but seriously i need to catch ups with my friends, manalah tahu ada hints ke. Nak reply comment ke. Aish. So yeah, no facebook for tonight. Pffftttt..

I already bought livita, redbull and need nescafe for tonight. Last kopek babeh! For the last time oyeah yeah. So after paper tomorrow i can sleep like a polar bear. And have fun with classmates during the night. Oh-la-la. Must keep perut empty for the whole day so that i can eat like crazy during the night. Wehe. And on Saturday wanna go to Popular buy something to read or maybe borrow something from the library or friends so that can jimat money and bought new heels by the end of the month. Heh heh. And maybe new pair of jeans, who knows. Must saving!

Ok, need to continue my revision. Till next time. Probably i wont left my blog alone after this. And next week is Tiger Blog Fest! Oh i am so excited to write about tiger. Weee~

For real now, BYE!