17 April 2010


While waiting for the facebook to upload the photo, yes i have some time to update my blog. Heeee. I am done with my degree, i guess so. Just need to submit my thesis on Monday, hopefully i managed to submit it on time.

Just now, i'm going out with my classmates for dinner. And this is the second time the chinese and malay gathered together. As i miss the first gathering, i dont want to miss this event. And thank God i'm going, there's no regret and i really enjoyed the night! Not because of the foods, but because of the crowd, because of them! Heeee. Is there any next time? (-.-")

I thought i will hundred percently happy with the end of my final year, but i am not. I just not sure where we'll be going after this. Will i find someone else like them? The community? Friends who always called themselves mok. Friends who really do care but they dont really show it. Friends who always be my side. I am gonna miss you, everyone of you.

Haih. Later.