27 April 2010

I'm back again

Oh damn great. Few days left before he get back to his hometown which i am well aware possibilities on dating everyday is null. And it is hard for me to say goodbye. And again, my blog is on private! *Shocking yaw*

I had enough sharing. So yeah, only limited person can reach me now - the person who i can call friends. So hello i know you readers! :D

Probably, my blog will talk about love too. As boyfriend will be far and cannot be romantic jiwang live - so blog will be one of the medium. So if you hate to read or loathe with the entry - mind you click the close button sure you know where to find it.

My nuffnang account soon will be deleted. And maybe i'll put some music here. Edit a lil bit as i am bored with current layout. Maybe maybe. I usually plan but i just dont know why with my moods nowadays - it is sucks!

Current life is relax compared to hectic weeks during finals. But i just dont know what to do after boyfriend get back to his place. I mean, i had no one to hang out. I have few friends and siblings. But, BF is different - he knows what is the best for me and we know how to rocks our date. Pfffttttt. Kalau ikut hati macam nak minta kawin esok tolonglah kadang-kadang rasa diri sendiri gatal nak mati. ;-p

Seriously, i miss to share with my blog. Hello blog, i am back. :)