15 April 2010

It's 15

Today is 15th and i never thought that i'll ever have such a bad start of 15th. It is just 9.30am and i always have the bad feelings - seriously, what happen to me? It seems like i acted like i was eighteen years old - immaturely handling the way i feel. Thanks Allah i still managed to think wisely.
*Sure some of you started to curious aite? Haha. ;-p

I hate exam weeks, i hate to live in pressure - can i just make this stop like now? Not again, i'm not going to complain that i am stress, no-no-i'm cool with it. I live under pressure, the finals effect nothing to me. And i know it will be end VERY SOON.

p.s: I love you, but why everything seems so tough right now? It seems so wrong.

Happy anniversary.
You are like roses to me, the flowers cheers me up but sometimes, the thorns hurts me.