04 December 2010

Family time

Aite now I had a great time with siblings talking stuffs. The last time we spent time together is like before Nasir furthers his study to Segamat. Currently we talk about our last trip to Singapore. The bbq was great - I ate a lot of chickenS. My tummy is very happy and yeah I am currently buncit! Blergh.

Btw, at last I got BR birthday cake for my birthday. Have been craving for it since last month. And Nasir are so happy with the dry ice thingy. Irena are happy with the ice cream and me are so happy to be with them. Yes, I actually have friends to talk with after few months without them. :)

Going to KL tomorrow. Meet boyfie Insya-Allah, and going to celebrate our belated birthday together. Accompany him for his interview and find razor orca! But most of it, I'm going to spend time with him after we had a rough few weeks before this.

Ok people, need to clean up the mess aite now. Later alligator! Goodbye!

P.S: I want that heels I saw yesterday. But tak ada size dah! Cantik sangat maybe. Sobs. ;(
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