01 December 2010

Hello December.

*I should have posted this yesterday but yeah, saved it in draft sebab too busy with things. So please assume i posted this yesterday please. ;p

I love December the most. Sebab usually time sekolah or maybe belajar, December je mesti cuti. Which akan duduk terperak kat rumah macam jeruk bangun lambat bergigih untuk gemuk. Atau mungkin tengok drama marathon. Sungguh gembira waktu bercuti. Rindu. December this year id wayy different which tak ada dah cuti but probably i spend the day dengan kerja. Thank god malam ni the office-babes ajak tengok movie. Ngangkung babeh! Even baru tengok trailer kejap tadi, tapi being with friends macam more important than the movie kot. So yeah, going out tonight! ♥

And people, it is my birthday!
Yeah, i am a December baby and Sagitarrius babe y'all.

Sagittarius (the archer) is optimistic and full of life. You are adventurous, energised and an extrovert. You continue to have a positive outlook even when your ideas are put down. You are always on the side of the underdog. You have good judgment and enjoy starting projects. You have a nagging need to feel free, which can get you into trouble. You also tend to be impatient.

You are on good terms with members of the opposite sex and enjoy a friendly relationship with them. As an extrovert and a sensible person, your personal relations should give you happiness and satisfaction. Due to undue sentimental attachments you tend to get into trouble. You should look for reciprocation in inter-relationships. Go slow when not sure. This phase can be full of joy or agony according to the way you act. As far as the opposite sex is concerned, though you have a good rapport with them it will be wise to be discreet. The opposite sex fascinates you and you maintain good relations with them without getting into frivolous acts.

I tak hope banyak sangat as makin tua gini, but people, I just want to live my life like as i wanted to be. And I kalau boleh takkan gain haters or  takkan tambah enemy. Nak life yang macam happy - no drama. I am no longer a drama queen people. Besides that, kalau boleh i nak travel satu dunia before kawin - which now i memang seriously nak learn untuk hidup tak depend sangat dekat orang. Akay, tak adalah travel satu dunia, but at least nak travel la mana-mana tengok life orang lain dan bukan pergi melancong tempat gembira saja. And please, nak pegi sorang or dengan kawan perempuan. Bukan honeymoon before kawin. HAHA.

Kenapa orang selalu enjoy birthday padahal sepatutnya macam rasa sebal sebab semakin tua semakin menuju kepada kekerepotan dan kewrinklan. Dan obviously semakin besar tanggungjawab dan semakin stress dan semakin unhappy. Kalau happy pun sebab kahwin atau mungkin pergi vacation mana-mana. Tapi tak apa still Alhamdulillah sebab masih ada peluang untuk hidup sampai 23 tahun la kan. Tak adalah mati kecil-kecil tak sempat tengok dunia. :)

So bye!

p.s: Nak beli hadiah untuk diri sendiri, tapi tak terbeli lagi. Belated birthday present la nampaknya.

p.p.s: Nak sikit hint kalau ada sugardaddy nak belikan i present. ;-p

Superlicious pink darling baby. Not too big and too expensive.  

But must must must be pink darling. Luaq dalam baru chara. Jantan lain nak pinjam kereta pun malu nak bawa sebab too pink.

And yeah, HOT PINK wokey!


ili said...

enjoy ur birthmonth darling!diz shud be the happiest month for u and just ignore all the tenses ok! ;)))

Diana Naubi said...

thanks babe!! ♥

ish malu la camni said...

heppy birthday sweety ! may Allah grant you with His bless , nway super super howt laa that pinky volk, if u dapat jgn lupa jemput i, i nak ikut u p travel hahaha ;p

Diana Naubi said...

orait babehh. thanks for the wishes!