17 December 2010


TGIF - Thank god it's Friday!

I might be working on Saturday but I still appreciate the half day of not being at the office. Not that I hate the office it's just that I am too tired with the atmosphere around the office – stress/workloads/bosses. And Friday spells extra lunch hour for the girls! And it might be the reason why I still awake at this moment, do nothing and listen to Korean song especially BOF ost. Blame Uthe because she got the song in her blog and it reminds me of Jun Pyo and end up with I can’t stand missing him so I watch each and every MV at YouTube since I woke from my nap. Maybe, I still can’t get over Boys Over Flower, I still in love with Gu Jun Pyo. It is sick, I know that.

I still having problem with calculating moment of inertia for sheet pile. Ergh, I wish Irena is here and she’ll help me figured this for me. I started to miss her. Haih. Boss might be asking about this again tomorrow *sighs* Need to wear a poker face to the office tomorrow and pretend that I am okay to get scolded because I still can’t figure out how to do it. :(
Haih. Please-lah boss in a good mood tomorrow. Amin!

Ohh. 2010 will left us in few weeks. And I can’t wait for 2011. Need to prepare the wishlists and must-do-things for 2011. Resolutions blablabla and of course aim! But then I am thinking, what is my resolution for 2010 eh? HAHA. See, at the end of the year I just realised that I don’t give a damn with all those crappy resolution. I just do things that I want to do and follow the flow. And see, I am still alive and happy and have a boyfriend and thank god I am not jobless and I still here at JB with family and yes everything seems like perfect. Alhamdulillah, this year is a lot easier for me.

Tomorrow is Fatin Nadiah’s wedding! Am so excited about it. I have been bbm-ing her talking about her wedding, preparations and her love life – I cant wait to meet her in person! Hehe. As in her bbm and blog, she seems like so easy going and happy go lucky type of person. ♥ I am so happy for you babe. See you tomorrow pengantin! When is my turn?!

Ok seriously need to sleep now. Good night people!
Have a good day ahead!