24 December 2010

My 9 Minutes survey

Nabilla Iskandar kata, once read it, i'm tagging you! So yeha, I got something to do now. Lets get it started!

Instruction : Once you are tagged , answer all the question honestly. No lying or cheating ok?

Starting time: 11.22pm
Name : Diana Binti Naubi (do i really need to make it long?)
Brother(S) : one, Nasir Naubi
Eye colour : Dark brown - lens grey!
Shoe Size : 7
Hair : Long straight, never been rebond it people
Piercing : One
Height : 169cm
What are you wearing right now : pajamas
Where do you live : home, JB
Favourite Number : 7
Favourite Drink : pepsi
Favourite month : December!
Favourite Breakfast : i dont do breakfast, but i love cereal!


Broken a bone : nahh
Been In a police Car : i wish, but nahh
Fallen for a friend : yes
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short time : yes - a crush i might say
Swam In the ocean : yes
Fallen asleep In school : of course!
Broken someone's Heart : yes
Cried when someone died : yes
Sat by the phone all the night waiting for someone call : yes and i felt stupid
Saved E-mails : yes
Been cheated : yes


Your room look a like : neat as my sister already cleaned it up
What is right beside you : bubole - my phone. novel
What is the last thing you ate : ayam penyek mom's cook


Who did you last tell : tell what?
Who was the last person you danced with : i've got no idea
Who last made you smile : myself, tumblr thingy


What are you listening to right now : sounds of anugerah skrin, but not watching it
What did you do today : working
Are you the oldest : yes
Indoors or outdoors : outdoors


Talk to someone you like : yes
Kiss someone : nope
Sing : yes while i'm stuck in the car
Talk to an Ex : no
Miss someone? : yes
Eat : of course!


You talked on the phone to : Hakim
Made you cry : when is the last time i cried?
You went to the mall with : hakim
Who cheered you up : irena


Been to Mexico? : no
Been to USA? : no


Have a crush on someone : yes, lee min ho
What books are you reading right now : Lagenda Budak Setan - laugh people. mini shopaholic in the waiting list
Best feeling in the world : motivated
Future kids name : Got nothing in mind yet.
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal : bears
What's under your bed : nothing, it is 2 layered bed bed
Favourite sports : futsal basketball. I miss old times
Favorite place : sea
Who do you really hate : negative side of me
Do you have a job : yes
What time is it now : 11.31pm

With however long it took you to complete this ,
post as "My 9 Minutes survey" and tag 15 peoples.

I tagged you who spent the time reading this, and left me the url! Might be visiting you and link you if you're not in the lists yet love. ♥

Merry Xmas!


Anonymous said...

wommwm: me ^_^

ili said...

dah bace! and dah buat..hehe..

Diana Naubi said...

anonymous, who are u? nak link please. :)

ili. thanks babe. heee. i suka header baru u okeyy. suka amat!