24 January 2011

#24 Jan 2011

A life updates.

Firstly, I've already recieved my ipod touch! With my name engraved at the back of the ipod. Alhamdulillah one of my wishlists dah settle. Next I am looking forward on saving more money for my Korea trip at the end of the year. Already book the ticket. *happy face*

Secondly, at last Mikah are hired. But he might be placed at Labuan. Yes, Labuan Sabah people. I am happy for him, as its been few months and at last he get the related to his field job. But, I just don't know either we're strong enough to be that far. Ok fikir lain hari.

Thirdly, this is the first time I know how it feels broke twice in a month. Haha. Mula-mula spent untuk Itouch then dah rasa macam stable boleh pula pergi facial. Thank god masih ada rezeki berbaki. Cukup nak jailbreak itouch and pasang skin protector. I love my job sebab it is the only way to earn money. 

I my job no matter what. 

Fourth, during this CNY eve as usual, I am going back to Pahang. Yippie yayooo! I just don't know, I am excited about it. Maybe it is the only time that we have to gather together in the car for hours and talk. I still remember abah sings 'imma' be' as 'I'm a bee'. And mom getting used of Bad Romance song. We really had fun in the car!
And, I do love the tangerines too! Received few boxes of tangerines at my office. I am eating one now!

Akay enough, need to do things and eat tangarines. Going to update some more when I've got the time. Haha. Lets sing, The Time Dirty Bit!



ili said...

eh yana punya kampung kat pahang?kat mana eh?

Anonymous said...

Kak Yana , bestnyaaaa nak pergi seoul jugak nak jugak . (:

Diana Naubi said...

pahang dekat jengka. tp ada lalu kuantan, macam nak try pegi gambang waterpark tu! :D

Jom farah, kumpul duit pegi Korea! :D

ili said...

ouh jengka ke..
gambang waterpark biase2 je kot tp i suke!pegi la try =)

FionaFabian said...

hi Diana, Mikah tu siapa? sebab saya pun keja kat labuan.. =)