25 January 2011


Do you have any Formspring account?

Yes, I do have one and I rarely got any question from anyone. But few days ago I received notification emails from formspring, it annoys me - I hate notification emails. When I check my Formspring account, I received loads of stupid question. It annoys me even more. I am so sorry if you're reading this, but what is your point of spamming other people Formspring - asking unnecessary things.

So yeah, I disabled my account already and not thinking of having any Formspring anymore. Btw, if you have any question, just ask me through Facebook account or DM me at Twitter! ♥

Or, if you planning to ask me anonymously, just hit my email or maybe hantar surat layang. ;-p

People can say whatever they want about me, but at the end of the day I am still going to be me, and I am still going to be living my god damn life - Megan Fox

p.s: I'm not longer easy to get affected by you, so please butt off. Go find new pet to play with - a tamagochi maybe?

p.p.s: Iphone/Itouch user, suggest me cool application please?



thanks god, i don't get any annoying questions yet for the moment;) hehe. using a formspring MUST be exciting if we not misused it!

take care sis.

Diana Naubi said...

u should get prepare, once dapat stupid question sure macam geram je if dapat notification email.