04 January 2011

So much of 2011 plans

Sokay, it is the 4th day of new year and here is my wishlists! Nothing much, but insya-Allah I'll fullfil each and every of it by the end of 2011. Semoga dipanjangkan umurku bagi memenuhi permintaan hati - Amin.

  1. Korea trip with Matun. I am so excited about it. Like, so excited! Need to save up loads of money for this. My very first trip by myself tiada family you know. ♥
  2. Ipod touch. Its been few months already and I still think that I really need this gadget. As I am a BB user so macam lack of games application and I am so into music and games ect ect. So yeah, I NEED THIS PLEASE.
  3. Magic card a.k.a credit card. How to apply?
  4. Pimp my BB. I am so bored with black-boring-casual BLACKberry. Seriously I need to do something with it. BB user visit this page, awesome! ♥
  5. New wardrobe. When is the last time I do the clothes shopping?
  6. Curled long hair. The Nicole Schezinger, Kim Kardasian, Paula Deanda type of hair please?
  7. Gain more weight! Hello 50++kgs, I need you really bad so that I can get the ideal BMI
  8. High waisted jeans. Preferably dark jeans colour any type of brand. Let me know if you know where to find this type of jeans.

So jyeah, semoga dimurahkan rezeki so that semua wishlists dapat ditunaikan. And ouh, I want to own a DSLR too, preferably eos - but sedar diri i will cost me a lot so not for this year. Not yet. 

And, I don't have any resolution. Even last year punya resolution pun I dah lupa, so what is the point of having it now? Cuma there are few things that I really need to upgrade myself. 

Firstly, kena be more mature. Not that 40yo mature straight forward person. But act more cool and less gelabah please Diana. It is annoying when my boss always make fun of me (my attitude) So hey, please, learn to be more cool please Diana Naubi?

Secondly, I always care about what people might say about me. Can I please this year being ignorance and just do whatever I wanna do without even considering others? Being me as I wanted too. The one yang suka-suki beraksi kentang. Pffft. Atas nak matang bawah nak kentang. Seeee?!

Thirdly, as you can see I SWING! So marilah menjadi solid so tak macam lalang kejap itu kejap ini.

Best of luck myself!