01 January 2011

Hello 2011

This is how I celebrated my new year;

- Just watched Kaho Na Pyar Hai with siblings.
- Few minutes talk with boyfriend, discussing about yeah we're 24 and when are we planning to get marry. Blergh. He asked me to stay awake till he is done with his family thing so that can talk moreee.
- Going to watch 90210 while waiting for boyfriend.
- I peeking on the fireworks outside my house. I wish I am somewhere else. Watching firework with loved one and we're holding hands. HAHA!
- Tweeting about loads of things. Wishing people I know Happy New Year.

It seems like I am celebrating my new year with my virtual world. Thanks Bubole and laptop and wifi and all my virtual world (twitter, tumblr, facebook, blogger). I am having fun with this celebration. Yay!

2011 - it will brings a lot of joy and more new friends and new experiences and probably i will enjoy every second of it without any regret. Insya-Allah.

So basically, I want to gain more friends. I want to have a life for my 2011, ever since i work at my new place, i've done nothing fun - my life is ruined by a routine and i hate doing the same thing everyday! Rock it for me please 2011, i don't want to be miss boringggg. Need to save up - pheww!

Damn I am 24 and seriously i need to learn to act like one. Shitto. After this if people around me ask me, "how old are you miss" probably i am so stressssssed to answer it. It is a big number and hoi i don't feel old yet. It seems like i am still 18. Jiwa muda you know. So, I NEED TO ACT LIKE A 24 YEARS OLD WOMAN STARTING FROM TOMORROW. Need to learn how to cook oww yeah and do chores? It is a must kalau tak ugut sendiri tak boleh kahwin. 

p.s: I want to buy Etude House cosmetic thingy. Ohh Lee Min Ho. But Face House ada Kim Hyun Joong. How?


eeqa~ said...

i puwn terpikat teruja tersemuanya dengan dedua makhluk gilak tuh jugak!! huuu