14 January 2011


This is not my post I am taking this from HERE

Jealousy is a reactionary emotion so by its very nature it has a reason. Jealousy is a very natural and normal emotional response to a perceived threat. Getting jealous is not necessarily bad. Problems arise when your jealousy gets unmanageable and your behaviours get out of control.

Jealousy is a form of anger brought on by a fear of loss. Controlling jealousy is very much like controlling anger. When you feel yourself growing jealous the first thing you must do is calm down. Take some deep breaths, try to relax and then take an honest look at the situation.

:- advice, the world wide web.

believe me.i am jealous and i'm controlling it. 

And yeah, I am reading this at the right moment. The moment that I/you should realized that it is not worth it to over acted by the jealousy thingy. Controlling it is so easy, just don't think about it. I mean, if you knew you will get jealous so go find something else to distract yourself. As for me I usually put myself in front of my PC and play Plants vs Zombies, and my guy can play Dota for hours without me complaining.

You should know that you cannot own a person all by yourself

Thank you and bye!

p.s: Yes, I do blog during my office hour, you can cut my internet connection if you want too. I just can't help it. 
p.p.p.s: @hakimkamal kita chill kan? HIHI. Promoting your twitter account. ;p


eeqa~ said...

that's the truth!

"you cannot own a person all by yourself. "

:) love it.. hee

Diana Naubi said...

kan kan. at least mesti kena share dengan kawan even kita risau diorg ada possibility on getting together kan.

Rebelle said...

jealousy i sangat complicated. bukan tak bagi dia buat itu ini.. tapi lain.. susah nak cakap.. hahaha