20 January 2011

Quick update

Please, give me the time the strength the moods to update my blog tonight. Currently am bored waiting for this freaky facial thingy to end. Okay, after few months I ignored my skin yang getting dull, today I got the time to show some love to self. Going to blog about it later. Or maybe exaggerating the pain to all. Kehkeh.

And, did you ever felt broke twice a month? I am now. People, I am broke now. (T.T)

But I am broke with pride this time. Have bought ipod touch for self and pampering myself. So jyeah. I am a happy broke person at the moment. Hihi.

Anyways, still waiting for the bank to approve my loan. Please pray for me. Nak kawin next month sampai buat loan you know. Haha. KIDDING!

Bye later!
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