20 June 2010

Bad Romance

When you find faults from someone you love, hold on. Don’t judge nor doubt but trust and understand.

Did you ever doubting on your love one? I usually avoid myself from being too paranoid or too jealous. I am not the one who expect calls every hours or maybe the one who wants to texting all day long. I rather choose to be with loyal-long-distance boyfriend than to be with flirty-next-to-me boyfriend. Heh, but I am still aware of the possibilities that might be happen in the future – we can be so loyal today but might be unfaithful the next day. You see, everyone’s changing.

Love is complicated and it will always gonna be that way. What are you expect from two different people – both have their own way of thinking and their own feelings. Love is not synchronising two persons to be one, but two persons learning to adapt each other. Changing your loved one to be like what you want is a big NO-NO – trust me it won’t last long. What is the point of changing someone like a doll?
*But if your love one is a drug addict or a major loser, hey you’ve got the point.

♥When you start to doubt, get the time to think wisely.

♥Don’t make any conversation when you’re mad. (mad = angry = irrational = stupid decisions = regret)

♥Trust is the key of a relationship, being faithful is the payment of the trust given. Fair enough.

♥Jealousy is like a germs in a relationship, the antibiotic of jealousy is a little bit trust and be considerate.

I do know the exact feeling of jealousy but I don’t really think about it. We can’t stop anyone to make friends but we can put the limits. One tip on how I dealt with my jealousy is by putting myself on his shoes. I am jealous but I let it be by think positively. Be positive no matter what, even if you had a car crash, must think “thank God I am still alive” – okay I am not that ‘positive’ yet.

You can trust your love one, but not 100%. Guys will always be a guy – they know how to break our heart and sometimes their ego is uncontrollable. So I am not expecting too much on my relationship, there are possibilities that we might find someone else better, there are possibilities that maybe we don’t really have the chemistry together – we don’t know what the future brings. But what we can do is planning and put a little hope.

Btw, congratulation Shahrizan Bajuri! Best of luck on your new journey with you wife. Am so happy for you! :D

You're my bad romance and you're the pain in my ass.
You make me loathe, you make me annoys.
Sometimes, being with you is a disaster.

But I don't know how we managed to make it through, together.

I don't believe in forever and ever as in the fairytales, but I put a little hope on us to make it true.

p.s: I am not in the crazy-in-love mode. I just want to share some affections. 
p.p.s: Emotionally distracted moods. Swing moods. So what are you expect? PMS.
p.p.p.s: I am not watching any FIFA game tonight, but why am I still awake?

Good night!