19 June 2010


I had a really bad week. I mean, I’m facing lots of things and I had got no one to share. What I mean by ‘share’ is not like – “oh my god I’m emotional can I cry on your shoulder?” Nope. I usually will share my emotions with him, but since he is on vacation so yeah it seems like harder for me to keep everything by my own. Why I love being with him is, we share almost everything and anything! (Macam share emotions – kalau you marah I pun hegeh nak marah juga ;-p) He is my best best bestfriend! But I can’t deny that sometimes, arguing with him can be so bothersome but yet, it is fun. ;-p

So okay, back to the topic, I had no one to share my emotions for few weeks and thank god he is back today! I don’t think I can stand anymore longer, bet I’ll burst it all out IF someone messing with me. And thank god nothing happen to him, I mean like flight crash or anything because we talk about that like few times. I can’t imagine the exact feeling if that really happening. Ergh. No, I rather see him with another girl than to see him dead. (See, I know I am nice)

Enough of personal love life.

I am juggling with my moods now. Trying to be positive and not act like a stupid bimbo handling with PMS. Sometimes, girls on PMS can be unexpected – same goes to me. But what the heck, I am the one who is in charge of me – be positive, be in control. But I know, not the period pain – it does really SUCKS.

What I usually do if I the period pain strike?

#1 Get myself the menstrual pill and try to sleep.
#2 Hot water in the bottle put it on top of my emmm what should I called it en? HUAHUA
#3 Walk at the mall. IDK why, usually when I go out for shopping or maybe window shopping, I easily can forget about the pain. Magic!

So okay, I mumble like a crappy nanny. I think guys are lucky because they don’t have to face this type of problems – for both PMS and period pain. Oh, I bet giving birth will be more PAINFUL compared to period pain, so okay need to practise to be more immune with the period pain. HAHA. Oh, I want to have a chubby fair skin baby can ah? And it is better have a baby boy!

Ahhh. Mumble too much. Goodbye!


Nuha said...

What are girls made of? Sugar and spice, and everything nice, that's what girls are made of”..btw,,pms i called 'pissy mood syndrom' is really screwing:P..t.cr

p/sI found yr blog from amir's blog list ..mind I become follower?

Diana Naubi said...

PMS is so NOT cool. :(
considered it as spicy thingy. swing moods with PMS = disaster! nnway thank Nuha.

eyy. i dont mind, be my guest. :D

Nuha said...

take good care of yrself..I'm following..Thx diana:)

thepinklover said...

i've watched Glee season finaly..
it was emotional..but the best ever.
u can see the sue sylvester soft side.5 stars bebeh~!!

nway..pms mmg tak best~!
for me i yang pms my bf yang emotionaly unstable..

Diana Naubi said...

babe, adik i dah cerita glee season finale but i hvnt hd the time yet utk tgk! but nvm nanti cd keluar confirm i beli &&& tgk. Glee's rocks

HAHAHA. but u still cn assume period pain as a bf! i mcm perfect enemy period pain ni. (-.-")