28 June 2010

Annoying feeling

I don't have the mood to blog today
But I am in the middle of the mood to share
Which, when I want to share, I must blog
But still, I am too lazy to blog
And I had no one to share things right now
I mean like really now
I can't wait anymore longer
Not even until the Netherland game is over

Sometimes, I was hoping to have a clone
And I would call her Anaid
We're sync, like a mirror
I can bitch about anything with her
Or maybe we can do anything together
But, having someone exactly the same as me is boring
Ok change

I want an imaginary friend
Not that ghost type of imaginary friend
But imaginary - imaginary
Something that is in my mind
It might be a guy or a girl
Or maybe a Casper or maybe Fizo Omar ♥
It can be anything that I like
Act like what I wanted it to act
And the most importantly
My imaginary friend need to know my language
As I rarely talk about feeling

Talking about feeling
I don't know what I feel right now
Oh and headache
Is headache a feeling?

I gotta feeling to watch 'My Girl' and cry like a heart broken girl
But I am sure I am not the one with a broken heart right now
Everything's fine, everything's is on the place
Why oh why must have this annoying feeling?


mastura said...

imaginary friend is not fun as u think... i have one during my tadika.. and its terrible... ok? :)

石白 said...