21 March 2011

Bruno Mars ♥


I just got myself Bruno Mars album! But I am quite disappointed because his concert tickets already sold out. Haih. Baru cukup duit nak beli boleh pulak habis. It was last week Monday. Padahal tiket dia keluar Sabtu kot. Gila cepat habis. (T.T) Bertekad nak dengar radio so that boleh menang free ticket. Anyway, is there anyone planning on selling their Bruno Mars ticket? 

So far lagu dia okey. Currently I am so addicted to runaway baby song. Comel habis! Mood booster untuk I lepas Grenade Remix. And sayang remix tu tak masuk dalam album lagi. Macam rugi gila lagu tu takde. The other side pun okay. I seriously want to go to his concert. Seriously nak sangat. (T.T)

Another thing is, I'm having the downtime of my life which I messed up with load of things. Which at last I realized that nothing last forever. Especially when it comes to feeling(s). As I always remind myself, I'll stay as positive as I can no matter how hard the world is treating me. Thanks to Allah I still have a really caring sister with me and friends who would listen to me. Honestly, I don't give a damn if they want to judge me. 
Cheers, mind our own business okay?

p.s: Last week was hectic, and tomorrow is another busy day. I love my job - seriously. 

p.p.s: I am on my way to gain my weight. And I miss swimming. And I miss spending time at the gym. 


tuan empunya robok said...

Kan! me also. baru gigih nak pgi beli. sekali Sold Out!pfft. tak sangka kaya benor org mlysia ni.lol. cpat sgt hbis. haihhh. ketap bibir je laa kan! Grr

Diana Naubi said...

itu la kannn. i nak belanje my sis lagi, so da baget-baget duit nak amik rock pit. sekali tetibe, my gashhhhh habis. (T.T)