06 November 2009

I have a virtual cafe.

I don’t know since when I started to play this, but I can still remember Caya forcing me to accept her invite to be her neighbour. I don’t really care at first but then I realised it is fun because to maintain the costumers we need to manage the arrangement properly make sure all the tables is at the right place. I don’t really care about the money nor the level cause I know I am still new. But then I am proud of myself because I have loads of costumers! Now I need to manage how to maintain the cooking so that my cafe will always have something to serve the costumers.

Well, my dad did ask me “Why did you play that game? Just wasting your time.” And I replied, “I can manage a virtual cafe dad. Who knows someday I’ll own a cafe.”

So, good night!

p.s: Now the thumbs rate me 104.9. YEAY!!!


Nelly said...

best ke game ni?
restaurant cafe izit?
nak try gak la kat umah nanti..
hehe.. :)

Diana Naubi said...

macam fv jugak kot.
sgt addictive punya thingy. aishh.
try la, then jadi neighbour yana okey!