01 November 2009


Yesterday I’m having such a rough night. How could I define that? I had everything in my mind but I have no one to share. Everything includes; exams, car, missing home, friends, special friends, my own-self.

It is sucks. And as I concern, my PMS is still further away and why I keep bothered by everything easily? I laugh, cried, thinking and live for hours with it. I try to figure how to comfort myself. I wrote a lot yesterday, just to express my feeling, express myself, but it brings nothing good. I tried to put away the feeling/thinking, try to do my revision, but I just can’t focus. End up with I done nothing with my revision and sleep late. I sleep with my mind saying; “Bangun yana, kau kena habiskan revision.” At that time I can hear my 4.45a.m alarm clock. But I lost to myself.

Once I’ve opened my eyes today. I felt I am freedom from strife. Maybe I just need a good sleep last night. Maybe I just was messing up with myself during these nerve-racking weeks. GAHA! Whatever Diana, you always like this. (Blaming myself)

So I must/need/have to use the day with revision, I have paper tomorrow morning. Can I make it?

Ok, goodbye!

p.s: It’s November.