10 November 2009

Mode: I am not sure

I don’t know why with me now. I’m giving up with my tomorrow paper since I woke up this morning oh nahh, yesterday morning. I read through the notes, I get bored, I watched the ghost whisperer, end up, I just read only quarter of the page. And I had lots of it to read, uh-no, to memorize to be exact. But then, I just don’t know why I still can’t read and keep reading. I’m doing something else. And now I plan to give up. Listening to sad love song, ignoring the notes. If you see how the laptop covering the notes surely you called me crazy because I have paper at 9 in the morning and I still had nothing in my mind.

Nak kata tawakal je boleh tak?

And why, I had the feeling of uneasiness with me right now. I mean the down moods. Feels like crying while it is nothing to be cried off. Did you ever feel that? Damn I hate this.


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