04 November 2009

This is fun!

Rindu nak update, tak tipu.

Just now I’m going out with some of the girls with Jijot along. Yes, we go for karaoke and celebrating Eacha’s birthday. No fancy cake but I did bake chocolate cake for them and bring it in a medium size tupperware. Yeah, tak grand langsung I know. But then, it is all finished so I bet the taste is not so bad huh? ;-p

I did my stupid jumping and the perasan I am on stage style (lagi-lagi during making love all of nothing padahal I am totally out of rythm) But then, I had fun. We sang Elite song together. You know, I remember I am shouting not singing. HAHA. I never imagined that I’ll be like that after with any other people. But seriously it was fun! Why lah u guys tade during my birthday? ;-(

Thanks for the day. I really enjoying it lah. Esok another karaoke day with Mikah. Ouh damn I need to list lagu apa nak memekak esok. Nak video lagi? ;-p