28 November 2009


I have a problem. Ceh-ceh, suddenly rasa nak blog lepas tengok profile orang. Gaga. Ok, I am not friendly. IDK why, since when I started to be aloof. I don’t have new friend for a long time. And I realised, I just spend my time with the same person everyday. Bosan kan? If before I love to meet new people and can talk like I know them well. But now, I just don’t mix up, macam there is something stop me.

I don’t realise it before but suddenly it pops in my mind. And I felt sorry for myself. Haha. I know pathetic! So I decided to change, I must have a lot of friends. And hang out more with people. Cehceh.

p.s: Dillema in the middle of the night. ;-p


AnAk iBu said...

okeh kawan baru yg kebosanan after exam da dtg.

Diana Naubi said...

nyehnyeh. no biggy.
siap da add dlm fesbuk lg.
nyata mmg kena cari kwn. :D