02 May 2010

Justin Bieber

Oh my oh my. Remember the old times which i am crazy all about Justin Timberlake? He is super hot mature guy with his style - please ignore the curly hair Justin during our childhood time, erghh. But yeah, he is hot now and if malaysia guys is as hot as him sure akan rambang mata. But we don't have that type of hot guys. I mean, lelaki malaysia usually hot with his style tapi ya Allah its end ups with muka jambu. Heh. And if muka hot sure tak se-stylo gila. Or sometimes bila hot and stylo which is SANGAT RARE mesti that guy playboy or maybe dikelilingi oleh hot girls yang sure if i lalu depan mata dia pun dia assume macam semut. So yeah, JT is still my imaginary boyfriend and we're not planning to get marry. HAHA.

Out of topic sungguh.

Now he're is Justin Biebet, should i called him JB? But JB macam Johor Bahru pula. So okay, Bieber. First time i listened to his song my god i tot it is a girl who singing that song but nahh i've made a mistake and sumpah the first time i saw him, makk aiihhh jambu betul sampai i rasa tercabar as perempuan. Why myself that was born as a girl/woman is not as sweet adorable as him? I deserve better. But yeah, dalam cantik dia ada hot and type of guy yang when i was 15 or 16 i'll cry for him Or hegeh-hegeh each day pun rasa nak tweet kat Bieber - i love u so damn much can u retweet this back to show that u love me too?

Oh boyfriend jangan bunuh. But seriously he is cute. Even my sister always said that his voice is like girl - i dont care. Hee. His song is sweet - one time, baby, one less lonely girl, eenie miene ect ect. Best, which if gadis dengar macam nak jatuh cinta, dah la Bieber itu hensem tolonglah!

Tolonglah babak-babak ibu-ibu, find me a guy which can sing to me sweet songs like baby each time i'm going to sleep. Heh. It will be great if that guy is sweet, handsome and hugable. And who says Bieber dont know how to rap? Look, lidah dia tak terbelit or pendek like mine. Pfffttttt! - go die lah Diana, such a loser.