02 May 2010


Hello, hello.

I had fever for these few days and it is sucks. Maybe it is because i am officially a long-distance-relationship couple? Pffttt. Damn, i just dont know what should i think right now. I still looking for job. But sadly, when i read the paper they usually stated they need experience at least for 2 years. Damn it damn it. Or maybe i havent yet find the one for me. Surely someday i'll find perfect job and might have a blast carrier and can get marry in 2 years time with my own gaji. Maybe maybe. Erghh. Sometimes i felt like myself is so gatal cause always said about kawin. Heheh~ But who cares, on of my classmate will be get married on June. I cant wait to see her husband. Nyeh~

My brother will be going to UiTM Segamat taking emmm ICT thingy i am not sure. If i knew the fee is very cheap, sure i'll be one of the UiTM student. Can save lots of money mehh. Ceh ceh padahal UTM is cheaper compared to the private university, tak bersyukur betul. (-.-") So yeah, at first we tot he will be sending to dungun which is at terenganu and hardly see him anymore but just now we checked again, "heleh Segamat je pon kaw nak balik everyweek pun akak boleh amik". Sometimes rasa macam family ni gila gelabah tak nak ahli keluarga jauh. Heh. But at least we know that we love each other. :)


I got nothing else to do now. I always spend my time with Looklet. Seriously sometimes rasa macam main paper doll. Check my mail - it makes me think to have a pen pal friends. Talk about anything with a total strangers from another country. Heee. Any idea what else should i do during the 'hols' ni? I think i should make a list after this.

Bye! Nona time.