07 May 2010

So my day

Hello 24 readers! Or usually i'll call you boys and girls - pembaca gelap. Heh. Kesayangan you know!

My boyfriend is busy with his ♥SKP thingy and i'm trying my best to be a good girlfriend by not bugging his time with the friends. So my phone is no longer priority for me. I spend most of the time with Toptop watch movies. Sometimes i wish i had something real to do. Mind the chores - i am not into it and so do cooking and baking. Tooooo malas!

Yatyat babe will be start her job on June and suprisingly i'll be too! But not as engineer - obviously, i havent yet started the job-hunting thigy. So, i'll helping my 'friend' doing things at UTM, for two months - June and July. Doing computer thingy - need to install software for 3000 computers in UTM. So i guess i'll be doing the same thing everyday for 2 months. And the payment is around rm1400 each month which i dont really mind. Hopefully dad still give allowance. Haha. ;-p

But, what would happen to me after the contract is over? I mean, is there any job available for me - the civil engineering thingy? Let it be. Too lazy to think now.

Oh, my hair now is black babeh. Not that too black, black. Emmm.. dark brown will do. It perfectly dark in the room (which have yellow or white light). But once the sun light strikes - my God, i'm fall in love again with my hair! Okay, i am exaggerating things here. At least i am not irritating with my own hair which have two types of colour - atas black bawah maigod kaler gold pun ada. (-.-") So yeah, my hair now looks normal. ;-p

*Not cool hair. Heh.

Havent yet cam-whoring with my new hair. Tomorrow will go out and maybe Ixus Bulu can take photo of me. Yeay! And with my new hair. Please take note, cam-whoring means - mesti ada nampak tangan amik gambar sendiri sebab tak ada lelaki yang bawa camera besar ambil gambar saya. Sobs. ;-( Eh, i'm not desperate. Kidding my God!