04 May 2010


Things that i need to do before Saturday. Oh, i have a part time job with Celcom again on Saturday readers! Heee. Obviously at Suarasa which will be super hot like someone frying me under the sun. Pffttt. So yeah, things that need to be done before Saturday.

#1 Meet Yatie darling. She's coming tomorrow! Yeay!
#2 I need to dye back my hair. Which i plan to make it black. Wuuu~
#3 New white sport shoes for the part time job. Haih. Will buy the cheap cheap one.
#4 Unpack my things! Its been two weeks and my stuffs is like everywhere. Haih.
#5 Must do hair treatment and i need to find something for my crappy face - why with the skins huh?
#6 My God almost forget, buy boyfriend's present!

Whatelse. Whatelse?

#7 Wash nari-nari!

Btw, i'm thinking to change my layout again. Haha. Cepat bosan betul!